Vampire 4 Color Palette

Vampire 4 Color Palette


Features 4 colors of our Water Activated Makeup, brush, and sponge (sponge underneath palette).



What is the next step(s) after I have signed up in court?

After signing up in court or being referred to the program you must first pay the program fee associated with the charge(s) in full before we provide any service(s). We then assign you to your communiity service site or class and you fulfill your obligation in a timely manner. *Also refer to the paperwork given to you in court, Valuable infromation is given to you in court to help with any questions you may have forgotten to ask.

After completion of my community service or class(es) what's next?

Upon completion we ask that you attend court on your review date and present confirmation to the courts that all fees and obligations have been met for dismissal. * Court date information can be found in the link above.

What does my criminal record say upon completion of the program?

Your criminal background will be marked as dismissed and you are eligible for an expungement of the particular criminal charge. This can be done by hiring an attorney or filing yourself, It is highly suggeted to hire an attorney or contact the attorney you have already retained.

When applying for school or employment what do I tell them on an application?

First, You have not been convicted of a charge! You have only been charged with a criminal offense and the charges will be dismissed or has been dismissed upon completion of requirements in your contractual agreement with the courts. You will only have a conviction if you DO NOT complete the program!

How many times can I do the program?

The District Attorneys office determines who is offered any deferred prosecution program, It must ALWAYS be approved through their office FIRST! Any stipulations they see fit can and will be added to the contractual agreemnent as well as the Presiding Judge making additional requests.

How can I pay my program fees?

You can come to the office during business hours, pay by phone or go to the pay link below.

How long do I have to finish my hours?

You signed a contract in court, the District Attorney and Presiding Judge acknowledging you understood all rules to comply with for a successful completion. The amount of time is SET, for extensions we MUST ask the District Attorneys office for more time and that is done in court on your review date.

When is my next court date or review date?

Please refer to the court database link, check appropriate county of court (GUILFORD), put in last name first and hit the SUBMIT INQUIRY button.

How can I contact the office?

There are several ways to contact our office: 1.) Phone 2.) Text 3.) Chat Bar ( Bottom of page on the RIGHT) 4.) EMAIL

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