Haunt in a Box

Haunt in a Box


** This item will ship June 1 ** First run inventory limited. Order now to guarantee availability **


Haunt in a Box includes everything you need to try your hand a monster making!

You'll receive a Woochie foam appliance, a six pack of European Bodyart colors, a 1 oz. Zombie Skin syringe AND access to an in-depth tutorial video from our friends at Total Terror TV!


Join these titans of the Haunted Attractions makeup industry and create your very own monster with the Haunt in a Box! 


Box 1 will debut at West Coast Haunters in Portland this May! Can't make the show? Order through Woochie.com and be among the first to receive this great box.



Are appliances reusable?

Latex appliances (with the exception of our foam prosthetics) are completely reusable. Wash with soap and water and store at room temperature for endless wears.

Why use water activated makeup?

For a comparison of water activated and cream makeup, view the video to the right. Water activated makeup dries quickly and is smudge resistent, meaning it won't rub off! Provides bold and complete coverage with little effort. Acheive a sheer look with more water, meaning you have more options. Water activated can be applied to latex appliances. Unlike cream, water activated formulas can be layered or blended together. Easily remove water activated makeup with soap and water.

How do I apply latex appliances?

Using spirit gum, apply spirit gum to the back of the appliances and tack to skin by repeatedly placing the prosthetic on your skin, lifting, and replacing onto skin. Using a wedge sponge, apply liquid latex to the edges of the appliance. For injury appliances, use FX blood to achieve a bleeding effect.

How do I use Peel & Stick 3D Appliances?

It's simple! Just Peel the latex appliance off the backing paper and stick down to skin. For added illusion, cover the edges of the appliance in liquid latex and/or blood!

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