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From the creative minds of our very own artists comes the mind-bending Meltdown Makeup Kit by Woochie. To help you get the most out of your kit, we've compiled a series of step-by-step instructions and videos by our team of makeup professionals to guide and inspire you along the way. Stand out this Halloween with a truly original work of art.


Wet the brush end of the dual-tip applicator and use the green makeup to draw a dripping pattern across your face and under your nose. Outline your jaw and fill the outlined bottom section of your face with the green makeup. Next, draw a thick green line down your neck with three notches on each side. Paint your collar bones green as well. 


With the liner brush, wet the blue makeup and create cheekbone hollows on either side of your mouth. Paint blue around the neck bone to further define its shape and make small blue lines where the notches connect. Outline the bottoms of your collarbones in blue as well.


Wet the sponge side of the double-sided brush and dab white makeup across your lips to create two rows of teeth. Paint highlight areas on the neck bone and notches as well as the collar bone (See Image 3 for reference).


Thoroughly rinse the brush side of the dual tip applicator and use the purple makeup to paint around the cheek hollows, as well as making small strokes on top of the blue outlines of your neck and collar bones. Thoroughly rinse the liner brush and, using Image 4 as a guide, outline the entirety of your skull with black makeup, making sure to define the teeth and jaw bone. Add thin cracks around the teeth area. 


See exactly how we create our Meltdown look by watching the video tutorial.

Follow along with the step-by-step instructions to achieve the most accurate results.

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Discover all the creative possibilities that the Meltdown Makeup Kit has to offer.

Here are a few different options to help you unleash your inner artist.




Wet the brush side of the dual-tip applicator and use the purple makeup to paint an outline of the jaw area, as well as a squiggly line from ear to ear and below the nose. Wet the wedge sponge and fill in the rest of the outlined area, excluding the center portion.


Wet the liner brush and use the black makeup to create a skeleton nose as well as to outline the entire painted area. Draw in some cheek hollows, teeth, and cracks above the skeletal jaw. 


Thoroughly rinse the liner brush and, using the green makeup, paint a green liner above the black squiggly line. Add a little green accent to the chin and fill in the cheek hollow with green makeup. Thoroughly rinse the liner brush again and create a blue accent on the cheek hollow between the black and green makeup.


Thoroughly rinse the brush side of the dual-tip applicator and fill the teeth in white. Add some white highlights to the cheek hollows as well. Lastly, using the green, purple, and black paints, draw on a melting neck.

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