What is a foam prosthetic?

Foam latex masks and appliances provide the perfect combination of comfort and realism. Each mask is hand-crafted in the USA from a porous material that allows your skin to breath. Easily eat and drink, and watch your friends marvel at the realistic movement foam latex masks provide when properly glued to your face.

Is foam reusable?

Foam latex appliances were originally created for use on Hollywood movie sets as one-time use items. However, with proper care and careful removal Woochie foam can be reused a handful of times. The most important factor is carefully removing the edges in a slow manner so as not to rip the appliance. Customers have reported using our masks as many as 20 times! However, we recommend 3-5 uses on a single face at most.

Do masks come unpainted?

Foam Latex Masks allow you to create completely custom looks using whatever makeup products you prefere. With foam you are limited only by your imagination!

Do you create custom appliances?

Woochie offers custom appliance services for film, haunted attractions and theme parks. If you are interested in a custom appliance please contact us at

Do you offer professional discounts?

Woochie offers bulk buy discounts for film, haunted attractions, theme parks and verified retailers. If you think you may qualify for a discounted program, please contact us at

I have a question regarding a foam appliance I purchased.

For questions or concerns regarding a Woochie foam appliance, please contact us at and a representative will be happy to assist you.

Do you keep foam appliances in stock year-round?

Woochie is in production on foam appliances year-round and stocks most items. If you require a new foam appliance Woochie offers made-to-order services for production use. Please contact for more information.