Amazing SFX Products for All

For 25 years, Woochie prosthetics and special effects makeup has been the go to product for make up artists beginning a career in special effects. With the perfect combination of detail and cost effectiveness, our signature latex and foam products have allowed young artists the quality and affordability to impress on TV and movie sets around the world. Now, you can bring the same innovative products used on set home with you to create the perfect ensemble of glam or gore. As we like to say around Woochie headquarters, don’t just get in costume this year, get in character!

Acquired by Cinema Secrets, Inc. in 1991, Woochie has grown from a line of approximately 20 latex cuts and scars, into the go-to consumer prosthetic brand in the industry. With over 200 latex pieces, 50 foam faces, makeup, blood, latex, spirit gum and more, we are your one-stop shop for any and all makeup needs. Whether your dressing up for Halloween, completing your cosplay, or getting in character for the annual showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, ask for Woochie at your local party and costume shops!

2016 is the year of Woochie! We’ve got lots of new products lined up including completely re-formulated makeup stacks, a new collection of unique bald caps, our new zombie line – and alot more!
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